The Right Number of Calories Per Day

When you go on a diet, you will most likely restrict your calorie intake and/or increase your exercise routine level to help you reach your goal. For some, this may be enough, and for others, they may wish to also restrict their calorie intake. The right number of calories per day to eat, however, will make all the difference in your weight loss process.

How to count calories

You might think that the number of calories per day you eat is the same as or even higher than the number of calories you need to maintain your weight daily. This is untrue. To lose weight, you need to take off calories that you consume every day, and then you need to burn these calories through exercise. If you eat too many calories per day, however, then you will not see any weight loss result. Your body will retain these calories or calories will turn into fat. You only need to take in enough calories per day to support your body’s daily activity and no more.

If you take in too few calories per day, you can even risk potential health problems. Too few calories can make you tired and irritable. Your body won’t have enough energy for any significant weight loss. Your metabolism won’t be able to adequately get rid of the calories or fat you consume each day if you take in too few daily calories. You will eventually reach a point where you will have insufficient energy to exercise, and unless you start eating more, you will not be able to lose any weight.

Consult with a doctor

It is a good idea to consult with an individual doctor, nutritionist, or dietician to help you get a better understanding of the number of calories each day you should take in to maintain your weight daily. You will want to know your basal metabolic rate or “BMR” as well as your activity metabolic rate or AMR. By doing so, you can lose weight daily and still maintain a healthy body.

You must take in enough calories each day so that your body has the energy it requires to function. Exercising to lose weight is a great idea for each person who is overweight and in need of dropping some pounds. Start slowly if you are not used to exercising and working your way up slowly to more strenuous exercises. It is important to try and incorporate more exercise into your daily routine, even if you are struggling at first to get out and exercise. Find a way to get out and exercise in as much as you can. Take a walk in the morning or walk your dog before or after work.

Taking in too many calories one day may be excused with taking in too few on another day, but you will eventually become hungry and take in more calories than you should. Just take in enough calories daily to get the amount of energy you require each day. Maybe you can change your morning cup of coffee to water instead of having your morning drag through lunch.

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